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rateandstarsYou can score a minimum of one star (awful!) and a maximum of five stars (awesome!). Please be honest and truthful and base your review on your own experience. If you simply don’t like something, such as a meal at a venue , that’s fine to post. Opinions are almost always protected as free speech. If you have an unsatisfactory experience with a service provider, maybe she was late or canceled at the last minute, that’s also fair game, as long as it’s true. Outright lying is considered defamation and individuals who take part in these types of activities can and will be held liable. Before you start typing, make sure you can prove your allegations. All reviews are moderated before going live.

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Word-of-mouth is important. People value other peoples opinions and are more likely go to a place, try a service or use an online business that has had a positive review, it is also important to know if a service is terrible.




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